Tenant Fire Wardens

  1. Each floor of a building shall be under the direction of the Fire Wardens for the evacuation of occupants in the event of an unwanted fire or fire alarm, where applicable.
  2. Each Fire Warden shall be familiar with the Fire Safety Plan, the location of Exits/Stairs and how to activate the fire alarm.
  3. In the event of an unwanted fire or fire alarm the Fire Warden, when it can be done safely, shall:
    1. Notify the Fire Department, as specified in the approved Fire Safety Plan.
    2. When it can be done safely, should see that other occupants are notified of the fire or fire alarm and should instruct occupants as per the Fire Safety Plan. If fire conditions do pose a personal threat, the Fire Warden should activate the fire alarm pull station and evacuate to a safe location.
    3. Direct the evacuation of the floor in accordance with directions received and the following guidelines:
      1. The Fire Warden shall select the Exit/Stairs furthest away from the fire to use, on the basis of the location of the fire and any information received. If Exit/Stairs is affected by smoke, an alternate Exit/Stairs shall be selected. If fire conditions do pose a personal threat, The Fire Warden should activate the fire alarm pull station and evacuate to a safe location.
      2. The priority floors for immediate evacuation are the fire floor, one floor above and one floor below the fire. Evacuation from other floors shall be instituted when conditions indicate such action or when instructed by the Fire Department or the Fire Safety Director. Evacuation should be via uncontaminated Exit/Stairs. In the event of a fire alarm only, the minimum procedures are to prepare to evacuate by relocating occupants to the nearest Exit/Stair door.
      3. Relocation and reentry into the building at least 3 or more floors below the fire floor is generally adequate.
      4. Fire Wardens on the fire floor shall, as soon as practical, notify the Fire Safety Director of the conditions on that floor.
      5. Mobility-Impaired occupants may require special assistance in the event of a fire. Occupants not requiring assistance should evacuate first. This avoids the possibility of persons in need of assistance being bumped and/or falling down, thus, slowing evacuation and/or causing injury. If there is evidence of fire, the person having mobility impairments should be positioned near the Exit/Stair that is located farthest away from the fire. If fire conditions pose personal threat, the person having mobility impairment, Fire Warden or any other person assisting, should be positioned within the Exit/Stair and wait for the Fire Department. If fire conditions pose a personal threat in the Exit/Stairs, the mobility-impaired person should be evacuated to a safe location. If the mobility-impaired person enters the Exit/Stairs, someone should notify the Fire Department of their location in the Exit/Stairs and that the mobility-impaired person requires special assistance with evacuating.

NOTICE TO ALL FIRE WARDENS - It is your responsibility to inform the Fire Safety Director in the event of vacation, leave of absence, transfer, sickness, etc. in order to make necessary provisions regarding replacements or substitutes.

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