Bomb Threat

While most bomb threats are hoaxes, take all threats seriously. Never touch a suspicious object. If you receive a call:

  • Keep the caller on the line as long as possible
  • If you can, signal to a co-worker to call building security
  • Ask specific questions, including: Where is the bomb? When will it detonate? What is it made of? Why did you plant it?
  • Write down all details. Use the bomb threat checklist provided at the end of this section
    • Caller’s age, gender, accent, and tone (agitated, calm, nervous, joking, etc.)
    • Background noises
  • Upon completion of the call, immediately relay information to Property Management and complete a bomb threat checklist

In general, call 911 and notify Property Management at (281) 597-1212 of the threat. Initiate a search when appropriate. The search team turns off all cell phones and two-way radios and inspects the following areas:

  • Inside the building, check lobbies and/or reception areas, mechanical rooms, closets, corridors, restrooms, planters, disturbed ceiling tiles, garbage cans, and roof
  • Tenants are responsible for any search proceedings within their space unless determined otherwise by local authorities
  • Outside the building, inspect garbage cans, parked cars, public spaces, planters, and outbuildings
  • Do not touch a suspicious item. Call 911 immediately.

When a threat is credible but not conclusive, please evacuate at your own discretion. Tenants should consult with the Property Manager or security officer on duty to ensure the safest route out of the building.